Joint Master - Erasmus Mundus in Performing Arts Studies


Frequently asked questions

1. General questions about the Erasmus Mundus program

For general questions about the Erasmus Mundus program, please visit the website of the European Commission:

Important restrictions 
- the one who has already got an Erasmus Mundus scholarship may not apply;
- it is forbidden to apply to more than 3 Erasmus Mundus courses.

2. Tuition fee/scholarships

2.1. Tuition Fee:

- 1750€/semester for European students WITH or WITHOUT scholarship

- 3500€/semester for non European students WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIP (inssurance NOT included)

- 4000€/semester  for non European students WITH SCHOLARSHIP (inssurance included)

2.2. Scholarship:

2.2.1. Category A and External Window:

48.000€ for the 24-month-master: 

- 1000€/ month X 24 = 24.000€

- 4000€/semester (Tuition fee) X4= 16.000€

- 4000€/ year (fix amounts, flight, etc..) x2= 8000€

2.2.2. Category B:

19.000€  for the 24-month-master:

- 500€/month X24= 12.000€

- 1750€/semester (Tuition fee)X4 = 7000€

3. Degrees and program for researchers

3.1. Which kinds of degrees are delivered at the end of an Erasmus Mundus Master Course ?
At the end of the program, the student obtains a joint degree according to the universities in which he has studied.
The degrees that are delivered by all the universities of the consortium are automatically recognized by the other universities.

3.2. Does the program offer research stays to researchers?
As a researcher, you can submit a project which will give you the opportunity to benefit from a stay in the universities. The stay can last from one month to three months. During this stay, you will develop you research and organize seminars.

4. Studying in one of the universities of the program


For every practical question about your stay in one of the universities (housing facilities, etc.), please visit the website of the international offices at the following addresses:
- Free University of Brussels:
- University of Paris 8:
- University of Nice Sophia Antipolis:
- University of Francfort Am Main:
- University of Sevilla:
- University of Copenhagen:
- University of La Coruna :


For the first year you must be able to follow the course in French (ULBrussels, Paris 8, Nice) OR German (Frankfurt).

For the second year, you must be able to follow the course in English (Copenhague) OR Spanish (Sevilla, La Coruna) OR French (ULBrussels, Paris 8, Nice) OR German (Frankfurt). Lingustic training is organized by the universities of the consortium. But it is necessary to have a linguistic preparation or competence before the beginning of the course.

IMORTANT: The jury has final decison

Exam rules and jury are relagated to every legal rules of the partners .

5. Administrative procedures (visas, insurance, etc.)

Once third-country students and scholars have received an official confirmation from the Erasmus Mundus Masters consortium that they have been accepted to participate in the Course, they have to start the procedures to obtain the necessary visa in their home countries in the embassies of the respective European countries which are involved in the Masters Course.